Esplanade bouldering sessions not only provide a great introduction to the sport of rock climbing, but can also deliver a great cross training workout. Colour graded routes will challenge both the body and the mind.

We try not to take ourselves too seriously at these sessions with the aim of fun and enjoyment high on the list. There is always the option to go hard on some tougher routes and/or chill out at your own pace.

As part of the Cairns Regional Councils Active Living Program, Topknot Climbing provides this free weekly climbing activity at the Boulder Park situated on the scenic Cairns Esplanade.

Climbing shoes, chalk, professional and experienced instruction are provided to help guide you through.


Whatever your age, experience, fitness or level of experience there are multiple problems for everyone at the Esplanade Boulder Park Cairns.

What to bring:

A pair of socks, if you plan on using the climbing shoes provided.
Please try to be on time as we have only 15 pairs of varied shoe sizes available.
If you have your own climbing shoes bring them along 🙂

Every Monday from 5-6 pm
No bookings necessary,
Just rock up!

Take your climbing experience to the next level…

Why not try our Adventure Climbing Tour at a great rate. We offer the same discounted Local Rate to Boulder Park Participants. So if you have recently attended a free Monday afternoon Session pay only $129 p/p for our premium Tour. More information.


Book your Discounted Adventure Climbing Tour Here.


Boulder Park on the EsplanadeCairnsQueensland, 4870